Ana Sánchez-Colberg

Professor Ana Sánchez-Colberg (B.A., M.F.A., Ph.D.)


  • Ph. D.
    Laban Centre, Council for National Academic Awards, 1992
    Dissertation: Traditions and Contradictions:
    A Choreological Documentation of Tanztheater from its Roots in Ausdruckstanz to Present.
  • Masters Fine Arts , Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, 1986
    Dance and Choreography
    Master Choreographic Concert (three works) plus exegesis
  • BA (Hons), University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, 1984
    Theatre Arts/English Literature
    Dissertation: Bacchae in 84. Practice-as-research project, (actress, co-director and choreographer),
    Bacchae in 84’ by Intuitons Theatre Company, performance + exegesis



  • Professor Choreography and Composition (Visiting) current
  • University College Dance, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Senior Lecturer Central School of Speech and Drama 2005-08
  • Course Leader Research Degrees, MA Performance Practices
  • Ph D Supervision
  • Senior Lecturer LABAN 2001-05
  • Course Leader MA European Dance Theatre Practices
  • Lecturer MA Choreography
  • PhD Supervision
  • Lecturer Laban Centre for Movement and Dance 1993-2001
  • Course Leader BA (Hons) Dance Theatre & Diploma Dance Theatre,
  • Lecturer Choreography, Choreological Studies, Dance History
  • Artistic Director Theatre enCorps 1989-
  • Choreography and Performance
  • Artistic Director Fronteras Arts Network 2002-06
  • International, multi venue, festival
  • Curatorship, fundraising and production


  • Consultant & Curriculum Advisor June 07-08
  • Dance Faculty
  • AKMI Performing Arts Academy
  • Athens, Greece
  • International Master-classes
  • Traga Theatre Academy, Athens, Greece 2005-08
  • Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, Florida 2005
  • The Abbey, Summer Arts Project, Pontlevoy, France 2006
  • Helsinki Theatre Academy, Helsinki, Finland 2000-01
  • TanzWochen, Vienna, Austria 1996-2000
  • University of La Coruna, Spain 1998
  • Javeriana University, Bogota, Colombia 1999
  • Tanztangente, Berlin, Germany 1997
  • Ph D Supervision Laban Centre London, Manchester Metropolitan 1994-05
  • University: Practice-based research
  • External Examiner MA Performance (Dance), University of Chichester ongoing
  • Ph D (two candidates)
  • External Examiner BA Dance Performance, Danshogskolan, Stockholm 2008
  • External Examiner Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts 2006-08
  • External Examiner BA New Circus Performance, Danshogskolan, Stockholm 2007
  • External Examiner Arts Fellowships, Oslo Arts Academy, Norway 2006
  • External Examiner BA Dance Pedagogy, Danshogskolan, Stockholm 2005-08
  • External Examiner BA Dance, King Alfred’s College, Winchester, UK 2000-04
  • External Examiner PhD University of Plymouth, UK 2004
  • External Examiner PhD Brunel University, UK 2003
  • External Examiner DA Helsinki Theatre Academy, Finland 2002
  • External Examiner MA University of Lisbon, Portugal 1999


Making the Invisible Visible, an Artistic Research Project‘, 2008

  • Close Encounters: Artists on Artistic Research, Danshogskolan, Stockholm, pp. 41-78.
  • ‘Holds no memory‘, Dance in A World of Change: Refletions on Globalization and 2008
  • Culture, Sherry Shapiro (ed), Human Kinetics, USA, pp. 229-252.
  • What does interdisciplinary teaching mean within the context of dance-theatre 2006
  • and performance?‘, Disciplinary Perspectives on Interdisciplinary Teaching and
  • Learning, John Canning (ed). The Higher Education Academy.
  • ‘An(n)a Annotated: A Critical Journey’, The Same Difference: 2004
  • Political and Ethical Issues in Contemporary Dance. Acta Scenica (17), Helsinki, pp. 193-233.
  • Dance and the Performative, Verve Publications. London. 2002
  • Co-editor with Dr V. Preston Dunlop, co-author Part 1, sole author Chapter 10.
  • ‘Of Dance, Cities and the Globe’, Animated. Winter 2001
  • Can be retrieved at:
  • ‘Archival Flesh’, Proceedings Exploding Perceptions Conference. Society 2000
  • For Dance Research, Chichester University College, March.
  • Becoming Space: Futur/Perfekt’, Dance Theatre Journal, December. 2000
  • ‘The Challenge of Dance-Theatre to Dance Analytic Methodologies’, 1999
  • Proceedings Momentum Conference, Manchester Metropolitan University, September.
  • ‘Space is the Place: A Reconsideration of Laban’s Theories of Space 1998
  • for the Teaching of Contemporary Choreography’, Proceedings
  • Continents in Movement Conference, Lisbon: Portugal, October, pp. 230-235.
  • ‘By Independent Means’, Animated, Summer, pp. 9-10. 1998
  • ‘Altered States and Subliminal Spaces: Charting the Road towards a 1996/
  • Physical Theatre’, Performance Research Journal, 1(2), pp. 40-56. 2008
  • Re-printed, in Physical Theatres: A Reader, John O’Keefe, Simon Murray (eds).
  • ‘You can see it like this or like that…: Reflections on Meaning-Making 1993
  • In Pina Bausch’s Wuppertal Tanztheater’, Parallel Lines, S. Jordan & D. Allen (eds),
  • Arts Council Publications, pp. 217-235.
  • You put your left foot in then you shake it all about…: Excursions 1993

And Incursions into Feminism and Pina Bausch’s Wuppertal

  • Tanztheater’, Dance, Culture and Gender, Helen Thomas (ed), Routledge, pp. 151-163.
  • Traditions and Contradictions: A Choreological Documentation of 1992
  • Tanztheatre from its Roots in Ausdruckstanz to Present, Unpublished
  • Ph D Dissertation. Laban Centre. London, Council for National Academic Awards.
  • ‘Style and the Dance: A Choreological Methodology’, Conference Proceedings 1988
  • CORD International Conference, Toronto, Canada, July.


‘Artistic Research in the European Higher Education ‘third cycle’, ELIA 10th Biennale,

Gothenburg University, Sweden, October 30th 2008.

Presentation on rationale and protocols for practice led PhD, part of the DANCE DISCIPLINE panel organised by the University College Dance, Stockholm.

‘Making the Invisible Visible’, LABAN International Conference, October 25th 2008. Performance/Lecture on the artistic research project, We: Implicated and Complicated (duet version), exposing the research directives of the project; a dialogue between choreographic processes, Laban Choreutic principles and the philosophical proposals of space of Henri Lefebvre.

Archiving practice: Documentation and Choreography in Dialogue’, LABAN International Conference, 26th October 2008. Co-presentation with filmmaker Chris Clow of our collaboration into archiving and documenting practice through the analysis of three films made to date Mahler’s Fifths (2005 , Holds No Memory (2006) and We: Implicated and Complicated (2007).

‘Holds No Memory: A Documentary Project’, Archiving Practice Symposium, The Facility,

London Metropolitan University, December 8th 2007. Presentation on the archival and documentary methodology of the film Holds No Memory, proposing approaches to documentary strategies that remain consistent with the choreographic intention that forms the work.

‘Making the Invisible Visible’, Close Encounters Conference on Artistic Research in Dance,

University College dance, (Danshogskolan, DHS), Stockholm, Sweden, 29th April 2007

Keynote speech on the research project We: Implicated and Complicated (group version) with the New Circus Student at DHS, supported by a Fellowship from the Swedish Research Council.

‘Holds No Memory’, Marks of Time Conference, John Moore University, Liverpool, UK,

22nd January 2007. Lecture on dance, motility and identity, stemming from the artistic research project Holds No Memory with choreographer Efva Lilja (ELD, Sweden).

‘On Universal Philosophy and Female Narration: Holds No Memory’, University College Dance, Stockholm, Research Seminars, 17th November 2006. Critical reading of the solo work Holds No Memory in dialogue with the philosophy of Hannah Arendt.

‘Mahler’s Fifth: Archiving Practice’, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, April 2005. Keynote speech, Arts and Humanities Research Board (AHRB), one-day symposium on music, dance and archiving practice.

‘What is Interculturalism within a Global Dance Context?,’ Making a Difference in Dance Conference, Helsinki Academy of Theatre, December 12th 2004. Keynote speech.

‘Making a Difference in Dance Research Project’, member of the team engaged in a two- year research project on dance, pedagogy, choreography and ethics, sponsored by the Finnish Academy and the Helsinki Theatre Academy. The project culminated in the conference Making a Difference in Dance, December 11th -14th 2004 and the publication of the book The Same Difference.

‘Laban and Gesamstkunstwerk: The Bacchanal in Tannhauser’, Society for Theatre and Music Scholars, Nuremberg, March 2004. Paper presentation.

‘Futur/Perfekt: Historiography and Choreographic Landscapes’, Conference of the Americas, University of the Americas, Puebla, Mexico, October 2001. Lecture demonstration and exposition of the critical discourse on historiography behind the artistic project Futur/Perfekt.

‘Bodies [that] Matter’, Performance Studies International 7, Translation, Transition, Transformation, University of Mainz, Germany, March 2001. Lecture on Laban’s concepts of space in dialogue with the concept of spatial practices proposed by Henri Lefebvre.

‘Futur/Perfekt’, Performance Studies International 6, Visceral and Virtual: from Myth to Millennium, University of Arizona, Phoenix, Arizona, March 2000. Lecture demonstration of the project, an artistic reflection on dance, cities, personal histories and notions of the ‘global’.

‘Archival Flesh’, Exploding Perceptions Conference, Society for Dance Research, Chichester University College, March 2000. Lecture demonstration on historiography, auto-ethnography and the choreographic process behind the project Futur/Perfekt.

‘What is Tanztheater?’, Grounded in Europe Conference, Centre for Performance Research/ Roehampton University, London. December 2001. Keynote speech mapping the concept of tanztheater from Laban to Bausch.

The Challenge of Dance-Theatre to Analytic Methodologies’, Momentum Conference, Manchester Metropolitan University, September. 1999. Keynote speech.

Space is the Place: A Reconsideration of Laban’s Theories of Space for the Teaching of Contemporary Choreography’, Continents In Movement Conference, Lisbon, Portugal. October, 1998. Lecture-demonstration of Laban’s Choreutic principles for the teaching of choreography.

‘Latin American Airs: Postcolonial Theory and Contemporary Dance in Latin America’,

Continents in Movement Conference, Lisbon, Portugal. October, 1998. Lecture offering a critical overview of Latin American contemporary dance history from the perspective of post-colonial theory.

‘Style is the Dance’, CORD International Conference, University of Toronto, Toronto,

Canada, July 1988. Paper presentation proposing a Choreological methodology for the analysis of ‘style’ in dance.


We: Implicated and Complicated. Performance Project, Supported by the Arts Council England and the Swedish Research Council,

  • Bonnie Bird Theatre, LABAN, London, October 2008
  • Kosmos Theatre, Vienna, March 26-29th 2008
  • Siobhan Davies Studios, London, June 28th 2007
  • DHS Scene, Stockholm, Sweden, April 18th-19th 2007
  • Embassy Studio, CSSD, London, March 23rd 2007

Holds No Memory.

  • Artistic research project with choreographer Efva Lilja (ELD), supported by The Place Choreodrome, Jerwood Space and the Arts Council of England,
  • The Place Choreodrome, London, 30th July-12th August 2005.
  • Robin Howard Theatre at The Place Theatre, London, May 2006,
  • DHS Scene, Stockholm, November 22nd 2006
  • John Moore University, Liverpool, January 2007,
  • Performance Space 1, CSSD, September 26th-27th 2008.

Mahler’s Fifths, for Theatre enCorps.

  • A piece for two dancers and two musicians based on the life and works of Gustav Mahler. Produced with support from the Austrian Cultural Forum and Visiting Arts. Recipient of a Creative Collaboration in Music Award (2004),
  • Bonnie Bird Theatre, London, February 2004
  • Conwell Dance Theatre, Philadelphia, September 2004
  • Helsinki Theatre Academy, Helsinki, December 2004
  • San Francisco International Arts Festival, May 2005

Killing Charity, for Theatre enCorps. A one woman piece based on Franca Rame’s Woman Alone plays,

  • The Place Theatre, London, October 2004

Inside Heiner’s Mind, for Theatre enCorps. A one-woman solo based on Heiner Muller’s Explosion of A Memory,

  • Bonnie Bird Theatre, London, March 2003
  • Tanzparenz Festival, Kosmos Theatre, Vienna, April 2003
  • Institute of Fine Arts, San Juan Puerto Rico, May 2003
  • Helsinki Theatre Academy, Helsinki, December 2004
  • San Francisco International Arts Festival, May 2005.

Futur/Perfekt, for Theatre enCorps, international collaborative dance-theatre project with support from London Arts Board, Awards for All and the British Council,

  • London, September 2002
  • Mexico, October 2001
  • London, March 2001
  • Bogota, Colombia, April 2000
  • Phoenix, February 2000
  • London, November 1999
  • Winchester, October 1999
  • San Juan, August 1999
  • Berlin, October 1998

Now we are no longer who we were then,for Theatre enCorps, based on Jeune Homme et la Mort by Jean Cocteau,

Turtle Key Arts Centre, London, 1997

En Viva Voz, for Theatre enCorps, winner of the Bonnie Bird Award for Choreography (1997),

  • Choreodrome, The Place Theatre, July 1996
  • Bonnie Bird Theatre, London, April 1996
  • The Place Theatre, London, 1996, 1997

Family Portraits, for Theatre enCorps,

  • Jackson’s Lane, London, April 1988
  • St Bride’s International, Edinburgh, August 1993
  • The Place Theatre, London 1994
  • Bonnie Bird Theatre, London, 1996

Fragments, Discourse on Love (solo version), for Theatre enCorps,

  • Newcastle Arts Centre, Newcastle, August 1989
  • Southside International, Edinburgh, August 1989
  • The Place Theatre, London, February 1990
  • Bonnie Bird Theatre, London, May 1990

Alice, Alice, Alice...Are You A Child or a Teetotter for Theatre enCorps,

  • Newcastle Arts Centre, Newcastle, August 1989
  • Southside International, Edinburgh, August 1989
  • Greenwich House, London, September 1989
  • Bonnie Bird Theatre, London, December 1989
  • The Place Theatre, London, February 1990

Other Commissioned Work

  • Recolecciones, for Andanza Ballet Company, Puerto Rico 1999
  • Tejiendo Memorias, for Ballet Concierto de Puerto Rico 1998
  • Tales your Mother Never Told You, for Foreign Bodies (Midland Arts) 1997
  • es lasst sich nicht lessen... for Ballets des Staatstheater Cottbus, Germany 1997
  • Entre Huella y Pisada, for Ballet Concierto de Puerto Rico 1996
  • Sartorii, for Ballet Concierto de Puerto Rico 1994
  • Ojos Que No Ven, for Ballet Concierto de Puerto Rico 1992

Film-work and Documentary

Mahler’s Fifths (2005)

  • 5 minute ‘reduction’ of the stage work for Channel 5, San Francisco, CA. May 2005.
  • Choreographer and dancer: Ana Sanchez-Colberg
  • Dancer: Daniel Suominen
  • Film-maker and editor: Chris Clow

Holds No Memory (2006)

  • 27 minute documentary on the making of the solo work Holds no memory.
  • Choreographer: Efva Lilja
  • Dancer: Ana Sanchez-Colberg
  • Music: Tommy Zwedberg
  • Filmmaker and editor: Chris Clow
  • Screenings:
  • Dans Scen, University College Dance, November 2006
  • Embassy Studio, Festival of Emergent Arts, September 27, 2007
  • The Facility, London Metropolitan University, December 2007
  • Laban International Conference, 25th-27th October 2008

We: Implicated and Complicated (2007)

  • 19 minute documentary on the making of the duet We: Implicated and Complicated
  • Choreographer and dancer: Ana Sanchez-Colberg
  • Performer: Milos Sofrenovic
  • Sound score: Nikos Panagiotopolous
  • Music Advisor: Dimitris Karalis
  • Dramaturge: Amy Forsch
  • Filmmaker and editor: Chris Clow
  • Screenings:
  • Embassy Studio, Festival of Emergent Arts, September 27, 2007
  • Open Theatre, Athens, May 25th, 2008
  • Laban International Conference, 25th-27th October 2008
  • Archiving EXPO, Embassy Theatre, London, 6th-7th November 2008


Awards and Honours

  • Arts Council England 1999, 2005, 2006, 2007
  • Swedish Research Council Fellowship 2007
  • Performing Rights Society Collaborative Music Award 2004
  • Corporations for Music and Scenic Arts Awards 1992, 1994, 1996
  • Bonnie Bird Award for Choreography 1997


  • Fellow, Higher Education Academy, UK


  • Fluent English, Spanish, French
  • Italian (Conversational), German (reading only)

References: in request


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